Walking The Green Path of Plant Knowledge: Illuminating Ourselves, Illuminating the Beings of the Forest

The School of Forest Medicine provides many ways for you to deepen your relationships with the plants of the Pacific Northwest and to find your way on the green path of plant knowledge. Our classes and courses interweave direct spiritual experience with practical, hands-on participatory work. We offer you the opportunity to find and connect with your plant allies and to remember your living bond with the elemental forces of nature. Through meditation, ritual, and song you will learn to work with the spirits of the plants and with the spirits and ancestors of this land, learning to be a vessel of healing and a messenger for the teachings of the forest.

We call upon these divine beings to remind us how to find our way here on earth and to guide us on our long term, multigenerational goal of establishing a center of learning and healing in the forests of Cascadia where we can remember how to live harmoniously with all beings. By working to restore authentic initiatory rites we will offer ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren the opportunity to live in an intact culture—fully attuned to the cultural and spiritual matrix of the earth, recognizing who we are, and knowing what we are here to do.

Classes and courses range from long-term initiatory journeys to evening Plant Teacher Ceremonies.

Featured Courses

Plant Teacher IMmersion Trips

Remembrance—Finding your Plant Allies

  • Awaken your true gifts and find a deeper meaning to life

  • Renew your connection with nature and find your plant allies and guides

  • Find real and deep community with others who share your passion for the wild

  • Remember who you are as you explore the mysteries of the forest

  • Learn through direct experience and awaken your heart’s true perception


In Service of All Life (Online)

Finding Your Role in the Great Work

  • Finding your calling in the Great Work

  • Aligning with the forces of transformation, initiation, and awakening

  • Identifying and deepening relationships with plant allies and guides

  • Personal Plant Teacher immersions

  • Transforming the ways you relate to trauma, shame, and guilt

  • Clearing cultural programming

  • Learning to navigate the currents of change

Reciprocal Illumination

The Practice of Psycho-spiritual Plant Medicine

  • Psycho-spiritual materia medica of Cascadia

  • Elemental energetics

  • Trauma as initiation

  • Working from the heart and holding space

  • The practice of listening

  • The healing power of song and ceremony

  • Clearing, protection, and grounding

  • Helping others identify and deepen relationships with their plant allies and guides

  • Pulse testing


Holy Places & HEaling Grounds

Aligning with and Holding Heart-centered, Sacred Space

  • Working with energies of initiation and awakening

  • Holding a space of compassion

  • Alignment and grounding

  • Perceiving energetic space

  • Clearing and protection

  • Maintaining clear boundaries

  • Connecting with the higher self

  • Holding space for non-human healing

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The School of Forest Medicine Immersion was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Three years later I still feel the ripples daily. The community that we created was unlike any other I have experienced. We lived as a tribe on those trips. I relished being in a community who deeply yearned to weave every fiber of our being with natures language. It felt like coming home. I remembered the deeper meaning of my life, to return to a sacred harmonic union with the earth and stars. Now as I unfurl myself as an herbalist in the world, I carry this sense of purpose that motivates me in the face of an upside down world. Sickness pervades our modern world and the only cure is to attune ourselves with what truly feeds us…. connection with Creator & this miraculous creation. I have found true friendship with the plant world and this nourishes me and never fails to give me hope. I highly recommend this school!!!
— June H. (2011)
The School of Forest Medicine was my introduction to medicinal herbalism and for that I am forever grateful. The direct perception approach to learning the medicine of a plant is the only way to begin creating legitimate life-long relationships with these ancestral beings of our planet. By sitting with them, in their home environments, and in a sort of reverent silence, the student begins to understand the medicine and teachings of the plant in a holistic way; in a way that neither books nor humans could possibly reveal. This approach emphasizes the personal, intuitive, and deeply ancient practice of connecting with plant spirits, the elements and the Earth. In the spirit of healing, this program offers the student of Nature the opportunity to develop and deepen relationships with local medicine plants and landscapes, while sharing heart space, song and ceremony with other dirt worshippers. Truly a life-changing experience.
— Leah B. (2011)