Creating new stories of collective and individual flourishing

From the physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses afflicting so many people today to the planet-wide crises we now face—climate change, the Earth’s sixth mass extinction, and other ecological disasters, the repercussions of the mechanistic and disenchanted worldview of Western techno-industrial culture are evident everywhere we look. Today most people in our society suffer from a sense of alienation from the so-called “natural” world, but if we are to make the transition from destructive to generative presence on Earth, must understand that our collective and individual flourishing is only possible within the context of our Earth community relationships. 

Learning, Healing, and Thinking with Ecological Intelligence to meet the existential challenges of our times

Healing these interconnected individual, societal, and planetary ailments requires a fundamental shift in the way we relate to life. The School of Forest Medicine’s one-on-one healing sessions, classes, courses, and initiatory trips provide opportunities to help us remember our essential bond with the living world. All of our embodied and participatory learning experiences help us learn to engage intimately with plants, nonhuman beings, and other forms of ecological intelligence. Orientating ourselves in this way fosters the transformation of consciousness necessary for us to become more fully aware humans and better citizens of the community of life on Earth.

Featured Courses

Plant Teacher IMmersion Trips

Reconnecting with Ecological Intelligence

  • Awaken your true gifts and find a deeper meaning to life

  • Renew your connection with nature and find your plant allies and guides

  • Find real and deep community with others who share your passion for the wild

  • Remember who you are as you explore the mysteries of the forest

  • Learn through direct experience and awaken your heart’s true perception


In Service of All Life (Online)

Finding Your Role in the Great Work

  • Finding your calling in the Great Work

  • Aligning with the forces of transformation, initiation, and awakening

  • Identifying and deepening relationships with plant allies and guides

  • Personal Plant Teacher immersions

  • Transforming the ways you relate to trauma, shame, and guilt

  • Clearing cultural programming

  • Learning to navigate the currents of change

Reciprocal Illumination

The Practice of Psycho-spiritual Plant Medicine

  • Psycho-spiritual materia medica of Cascadia

  • Elemental energetics

  • Trauma as initiation

  • Working from the heart and holding space

  • The practice of listening

  • The healing power of song and ceremony

  • Clearing, protection, and grounding

  • Helping others identify and deepen relationships with their plant allies and guides


Holy Places & HEaling Grounds

Aligning with Ecological Intelligence and Other Forces of Transformation

  • Working with energies of initiation and awakening

  • Holding a space of compassion

  • Alignment and grounding

  • Perceiving energetic space

  • Clearing and protection

  • Maintaining clear boundaries

  • Connecting with the higher self

  • Holding space for non-human healing

Upcoming Events