Online Healing Sessions with Scott Kloos

Do you feel a sense of disconnect from yourself or from the world at large? Is it difficult to be present with and/or process your feelings? Do you find it challenging to stay engaged with your healing process or to do the things that support your well-being?

It’s not always easy living in this technologically dominated culture which presents us with a mostly disenchanted view of the world, and with so much to distract us from what is essential and real, it can be hard to maintain focus on the here and now let alone on the path ahead. For those like myself who feel all that is going on in the world or for those of us who carry wounds from the traumatic events of the past, life can be even more challenging.

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Plants as Teachers

Plants, each species of whom represents a particular portion of archetypal and ecosystemic intelligence and wisdom, have the capacity to be our greatest teachers and are capable of promoting healing on all levels of our being. As we—through meditative and embodied practices—enter into and develop respectful and intentional relationships with plants, we are able to engage in transformative processes that bring clarity of perception and expression so we can better understand who we are and what we are here to do.

The Pathway of Healing

The pathway of healing is recognizing the gift of our sensitivity, our feelings of vulnerability, or whatever it is that makes us feel broken or like we don’t fit in. Within these sessions and beyond the plants present us with opportunities to let go of and release personal and collective stories that no longer serve us. In their place new stories—ones in which we recognize the enchantment of the world and our interconnectedness within the web of life—emerge to guide us through life as they help us deepen our connections and provide arenas within which we can be received in our wholeness.

There was a distinct possibility I was chasing the habit of ‘just one more class or just one more healing session..and THEN I’ll be alright..’, but I’m glad I followed the impulse to connect with Scott. There was no bypass going on during our time together. Our exploration was clean, clear and productive in all the ways I was longing for. Thank you, and thank the plant beings!
— Sarah
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By aligning with and developing deeper relationships with our plant allies and with the greater whole of life we can:

  • enhance clarity of mind and heart to sustain focus on what is important in life

  • dispel depression and negative thought forms

  • understand the messages encoded in chronic physical and emotional pain

  • transform traumas stemming from physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse into gifts to share with our communities

  • release detrimental cultural programming and unhealthy reactions to trauma embedded in the nervous system

  • learn to work with the gift of sensitive interconnection and empathetic vulnerability

  • process feelings of grief and sorrow including those which are related to our current state of planetary crisis: climate change, the Earth’s sixth mass extinction, and other ecological disasters.

WHat will You receive during your session?

The form of each 60 minute Zoom call will be different based on the needs of each individual at that particular moment, but generally speaking within these spaces of healing and learning:

  • we will identify energetic blockages and, based on this information, choose an appropriate plant teacher remedy.

  • I will invite you to learn how your body’s innate wisdom, through its connection to ecological intelligence, can guide your own processes of healing and transformation.

  • together—you, the plant, and I—will breathe life into the ready-to-blossom flowers that lie hidden behind the traumas and cultural imprinting to quicken the unfurling of your truest self.

  • I will provide post-session prompts and exercises to help facilitate this unfurling.

Why work with me?

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For many years I have been engaged in the healing of my own deep physical, psychological, and spiritual trauma. The amount of more-than-human support available to me as I’ve walked this path of initiation has and continues to feed my faith in the universe and inspires my work in the world. Informed by my own experiences of healing and by my relationships with wild nature, I can help you identify and develop your relationships with your own plant allies and am able to hold safe, grounded spaces of learning and healing.

But it’s not just about you or me. Our personal health and well-being is intimately entwined with that of the ecosystems within which we live and with the Earth system as a whole. Consequently our work must extend beyond ourselves. Thankfully the very act of opening ourselves to connection with other-than-human intelligence promotes health and well-being as it bridges the gap precipitated by the modern conception of a separated self and fosters an alignment with our greater ecological selves. Developing practices that encourage this alignment can prevent us from succumbing to unhealthy individual or cultural habits or customs rooted in detrimental mental or emotional pathways that affect our individual health and, by extension, the greater community of life on Earth.

Reciprocation and Setting an Appointment

Contact me to schedule a time for your one hour, $125 session.