Reconnecting with nature to transform ourselves and build a new culture guided by the teachings of the forest.

  • Awaken your true gifts and find a deeper meaning to life
  • Renew your connection with nature and find your plant allies and guides
  • Find real and deep community with others who share your passion for the wild
  • Remember who you are as you explore the mysteries of the forest
  • Learn through direct experience and awaken your heart’s true perception

The School of Forest Medicine’s Immersion Trips are not just for “plant people” but for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of life here on Earth. On these trips we will explore and experience the blossoming of a new spirituality for our place, our time, and our people—a true mystery school where we remember our relationships with the spirit forces of the land and work to build the foundations of a renewed, intact culture.

On each of these trips, traversing the vibrant landscapes of the Cascadia Bioregion and beyond, we will call upon the plant beings, each a living embodiment of spiritual truth, to help guide us as we navigate our way through life in a culture that has forgotten its ties to the land and spirits. Through plant-based ceremonies we will weave our spirits with the forces of nature, restoring the connections between the human and spiritual realms through song, ritual, meditation, and prayer.

Led by Scott Kloos, assisted by Amy Terepka and Monica Everett. Each trip limited to 12 participants. We start at 8am. You will need to arrive in the evening before the trip to set up camp.


Plant Teacher Immersion Trips for 2017

Each year we will offer 2-3 of these trips.

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Panther Creek Communion in the Columbia River Gorge
Ceremonial Focus: Center
The Plants: Western Redcedar, Devil's Club, Pacific Dogwood, Red Alder
Dates: May 24-28
Cost: $470


High Desert Odyssey in the the Steens and Pueblo Mountains
Ceremonial Focus: Fire
The Plants: Western Juniper, Quaking Aspen, Yellow Pond-lily, Sagebrush, Green Ephedra
Dates: September 10-16 (plan to arrive the night before—it's a 7-8 hour drive from Portland)
Cost: $650


Shining Siskiyou Quest at the Illinois River
Ceremonial Focus: Water
The Plants: Silktassel, Yerba Santa, Angelica, Western Aralia
Cost: $470


Wy'east Ascension in the Cascade Mountains
Ceremonial Focus: Air
The Plants: Yarrow, St. John's Wort, Blue Elder, Western Mugwort
Cost: $470


Medicine Mountain Pilgrimage in the the Ochoco Mountains
Ceremonial Focus: Earth
The Plants: Red Baneberry, Kishwoof (Gray's Lovage), Western Peony, Dogbane
Cost: $470



  • To register, please email us via our Contact Page specifying which trip or trips you would like to attend. We will respond with a list of different payment options—payment in full is required to reserve your spot.
  • As we approach each trip's start date, we will send directions and detailed information on what to bring and how to prepare for the trip.
  • If for some reason you cannot make a trip after submitting your payment, we will issue a refund only if we are able to find someone else to take your spot. No refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of the departure date of each trip.



Please be aware that we are not seeking comfort in the woods. We will be actively working to get ourselves out of our comfort zones to help open ourselves up for healing and learning. You may be expected to sit in the hot desert sun for hours at a time, be in the rain for days, have your normal sleeping patterns altered, and/or spend lots of time in cars driving on bumpy dirt roads. We will engage in deep ceremony and sometimes intense sharing circles. Before signing up be sure that you are comfortable with this type of work. There also will be no dogs, alcohol, cannabis, or guests allowed, and you will be asked to sign both a liability waiver and a wildcrafting agreement.