The Green Path of Plant Knowledge: Illuminating Ourselves, Illuminating the Beings of the Forest

The School of Forest Medicine provides many ways for you to deepen your relationships with the plants of the Pacific Northwest and to find your way on the Green Path of Plant Knowledge. Our classes and courses interweave direct spiritual experience with practical, hands-on participatory work. We offer you the opportunity to find and connect with your Plant Allies and to remember your living bond with the elemental forces of nature. Through meditation, ritual, and song you will learn to work with the spirits of the plants and with the spirits and ancestors of this land, learning to be a vessel of healing and a messenger for the Teachings of the Forest.

We call upon these divine beings to remind us how to find our way here on earth and to guide us on our long term, multigenerational goal of establishing a center of learning and healing in the forests of Cascadia where we can remember how to live harmoniously with all beings. By working to restore authentic initiatory rites we will offer ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren the opportunity to live in an intact culture—fully attuned to the cultural and spiritual matrix of the earth, recognizing who we are, and knowing what we are here to do.

Classes and courses range from long-term initiatory journeys to evening Plant Teacher Circle meditations. Please read on for a complete description of our offerings.

Plant Teacher Immersion Trips: Remembrance—Finding Your Plant Allies

This year we will only be offering the High Desert Odyssey trip in September

Reconnecting with Nature to transform ourselves and build a new culture guided by the Teachings of the Forest

The School of Forest Medicine’s Immersion Trips are not just for “Plant People” but for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of life here on Earth. On these trips we will explore and experience the blossoming of a new spirituality for our place, our time, and our people—a true Mystery School where we remember our relationships with the spirit forces of the land and work to build the foundations of a renewed, intact culture.

On each of these trips, traversing the vibrant landscapes of the Cascadia Bioregion and beyond, we will call upon the plant beings, each a living embodiment of spiritual truth, to help guide us as we navigate our way through life in a culture that has forgotten its ties to the land and spirits. Through plant-based ceremonies we will weave our spirits with the forces of nature, restoring the connections between the human and spiritual realms through song, ritual, meditation, and prayer.

  • Awaken your true gifts and find a deeper meaning to life
  • Renew your connection with Nature and find your Plant Allies and Guides
  • Find real and deep community with others who share your passion for the wild
  • Remember who you are as you explore the Mysteries of the Forest
  • Learn through direct experience and awaken your heart’s true perception

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Plant Teachers of Cascadia: An Experiential Materia Medica of our Native Plants

Explore and learn the physical and psycho-spiritual properties of 21 of the Northwest’s most important medicines

Medicinal plants are here in abundance awaiting our return. As physical manifestations of the spirit forces of the land, they have the potential of being our most profound teachers. When we open ourselves to receive these teachings, we not only heal ourselves, but we make these healing forces more available to the earth, our families, our community, our society, and all of humanity.

In this 8-week course we will meet and explore 21 of the most important medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest. We will learn experientially by tasting and meditating followed by a physical and psycho-spiritual Materia Medica delivered by Scott.

The course will be open to practitioners of all kinds as well as those just wanting to get to know and work with the plants more deeply for personal growth and understanding. We will also encourage clans (e.g. Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalists, Naturopaths) to form study groups outside of class to deepen the understanding of the plants and their medicine in relation to the different medical paradigms.

Next course will be held in the fall…

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