Three days in the forest eating simply, singing, making offerings, praying, and listening in silence, surrendering with the utmost respect and humility, remembering who we are, finding our place here in the matrix of life, and developing and deepening our relationships with the great Plant Teachers of the Pacific Northwest.

We go to the forest because that is where we come from. It is here in the wild places that we can remember how to live in harmony with each other, the planet, and ourselves. The forest is a great repository of wisdom that remains alive and intact. The “teachings” of the forest don’t always come in words but alter us on an energetic level and allow us to receive the imprint, the blueprint of life that is our birthright as children of this creation.

Loosely inspired by the dieta tradition of the Amazon jungle but informed by years of dedicated plant communion here in the forests of Cascadia, these weekend immersions offer plant medicine people the opportunity to forge and strengthen the bonds with these deep plant teacher guides and allies. On each of these trips for 2016, we will call on a different plant being to offer us its wisdom and power of healing.


We won't be offering any Weekend Plant Teacher Immersion for 2018, but we hope to in the future...