Elder: Tree of Life and Death

Elder Sambucus cerulea

Songs: Elder Mother's Song Elder Mother Spiral

Parts Used: Flowers, Berry

Appearance/Habitat: Blue Elder grows mainly east of the Cascades preferring sun, Red Elder (Sambucus racemosa) grows in the shady understory west of the Cascades; thick stalked shrub with opposite, compound nutty smelling leaves, musky dank smelling flowers borne in umbels

Energetic Qualities: cooling, drying, stimulating, dispersing

Taste: sweet, musky, bitter

Elemental Associations: Air, Water

Actions: anti-viral, diaphoretic, bronchodilator, vasodilator, diuretic


Elder Indications-Physical Fever: opens the exterior, moves things to the surface! Flu: makes great combo with Yarrow and Mint! Remedy for the the very old and very young: sometimes a bluish cast to the skin for lack of oxygen! Edema!

Elder Indications-Psycho-spiritual connection to spirit realms! resolve fear of death and transformation! dissolve energetic boundaries! helps with letting go of fears and accepting change

Dosage: Psycho-spiritual...1-5 drops; Physical...5 drops-3 droppersful

Contraindications: the bark, leaves, and seeds can be very purgative and nauseating