Reciprocal Illumination: Dogwood Ceremony 5.29.12

At last week's Plant Teacher Circle we paid homage to Dogwood, the Queen of the Northwest forests. This celebration culminated a month filled with ceremony, offerings, and devotion to this being who brings great illumination and healing to our lives. As many of you know, the Dogwoods have been plagued by a fungal disease that is damaging and killing them. When we asked Dogwood how we could help, she asked us to do ceremonies for her to help people remember her for the space that she holds and to strengthen her life force. In addition to honoring the Queen on this night, we took the opportunity to open our energetic channels and play with our ability to receive and work with visions... Some of what came through me:

"We are all worthy of receiving the bounty of life, the abundance of life in all its forms, and we are all here for a purpose—to do our part in the cosmic dance. The only thing that keeps us from doing this is our own feelings of unworthiness, our own feeling of not deserving. See if you can find those places within yourself as you witness the immense beauty of this being, Dogwood, the Queen of the Forest, and find a way to let that resonate within your own being so that you can love her even more and allow yourself to receive even more love."

On opening pathways to the visionary state..."We're going to call on this for a specific number one be able to see the incredible beauty, the beauty that we can't even look at because it's so beautiful of the Queen of the Forest and what she represents. Whatever bit we can glimpse of her, open that and really see her in all of her glory and in this way we will bring healing to her. And if we are doing that we won't be able to help but see the beauty within ourselves. So we are going to call forth the beauty of every being of this creation, for ourselves, the Queen of the Forest, and each other. We are all here to witness each other in that beauty."

We were blessed with amazing singers and beautiful singing that reflected the words that were spoken above. Many thanks to those who participated! Please check out the two minute excerpt below. We had the opportunity to deeply commune with the beings of the forest and made a flower mandala to offer to the spirit of Dogwood. If you'd like to hear more of the songs devoted to Dogwood from this ceremony click here. Also, below is the story of how I met Dogwood. Enjoy!