Wildcrafting in a Warming World: Towards Regenerative Practices for Life in the Anthropocene

How are rising temperatures, extended periods of drought, erratic seasonal transitions, and other factors of the Earth's changing climate impacting wild plant communities and the ecosystems in which they/we live, and how as wildcrafters will we adapt our harvesting practices to reflect this new reality? And how might engaging in regenerative wildcrafting practices call forth expanded, intensified, and embodied modes of perception that will allow us to more deeply connect and intimately engage with local and bioregional ecological intelligence, consciously develop relationships of mutually beneficial reciprocity with the living world, and be present to the Earth community in more enlivening ways as we increase our understanding of and participation with inherent processes of bio-system rejuvenation?

presented at Planting the Future, a benefit gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of United Plant Savers, June 2019 in Williams, OR

We are the People of the Alder: Restoring Ancestral Roots in a Clear-cut Culture

Even though many in our culture do not cultivate relationships with or honor our ancestors or the spirits of the lands in which we live, the ancestral forces are making themselves available to guide us through these turbulent times. Many of our current challenges, including an understanding of who we are or of how we relate as humans to the greater web of life is, may be attributed to a lack of relationship to these beings. In this class we will discuss ways to make these connections and the Plant Teachers who can help facilitate the renewal of these relationships. We will focus on the teachings of Alder who initiates the restoration of devastated land and inspires us to repair the inner devastation wrought by the dominant industrial culture. Come join me in singing songs of remembrance to make way for the spirits of renewal.

presented at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, November 2017

Communing with Plant Teachers: Wisdom from Our Allies in the Wild

Offering their support to humanity, representatives of the plant kingdom, each an embodiment of deep spiritual and practical wisdom, are calling out for our attention. Gain a deeper understanding of the nature of plant--human relationships as we discuss and experience practical steps for developing and strengthening relationships with these wild, Pacific Northwest native plant allies.

The psycho-spiritual properties of Quaking Aspen are discussed in this talk.

presented at the Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference, May 2016

Elemental Alchemy and Psycho-spiritual Plant Medicine

Each plant is a living embodiment of great spiritual teachings and wisdom. With this in mind we will look to our native Plant Teachers for illumination on the initiatory path of spiritual and psychological transformation described by the elemental processes of Alchemy's Opus Magnum.

presented at the Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference, May 2015

Juniper and the Christic Initiatory Impulse: Reclaiming our Cultural Heritage

Juniper, as the living embodiment of the Christ energy, shows us avenues of awakening via acceptance of and alignment with the Divine Will and surrender to the Universal Light. We will call upon Juniper to illuminate our study of the initiatory and healing power of the Christ as portrayed by the Gnostics, Renaissance Christianity, and Rudolf Steiner.

presented at the Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference, May 2015

The Five Phases of Plant Communion

Every plant in the forest is a living embodiment of spiritual wisdom and divine illumination. How do we connect  with this Green Path of Plant Knowledge that opens us to the Mystery of the Forest and leads us to a greater alignment with nature and harmony with the Earth and all beings?

The Five Phases:
1. Presence, Awareness, Trust, Discernment
2. Desire for Illumination, the Need for Spiritual Connection, and Surrender
3. Clearing
4. Receptivity, Acceptance
5. Respect, Humility, Gratitude

presented at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, November 2014

The Five Phases of Plant Communion (excerpt)

This is a short excerpt of the previous talk presented at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, November 2014 to give you a taste of what's available.

Plant Spirit Mediumship

We are all mediums to one degree or another. Many people drawn to working with plants are quite sensitive carriers of energy. When the gift of mediumship is not understood and the responsibilities are not fully accepted, many discomforts and challenges may be experienced in life, but by cultivating relationships with the spirits of the plants, we can bring ourselves to a place of balance where our sensitivities are no longer a hindrance. As we offer ourselves as vessels to carry and transmit the healing energies of the plants, we collaborate with them to effect the deep healing of others. Join me in imagining a community of healer mediums dedicated to manifesting the spiritual and energetic medicine of the plant kingdom.

presented at the Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, November 2013