The plant comes and talks to you, it teaches you to sing.
— Don Solón Tello Lozano

These songs come from the spirit world. Singing them opens a sacred space that connects us to worlds beyond and helps us to understand and amplify the medicine of the plants and the spirits of the land. Working with song to activate a space of healing allows the conceptual mind to step aside and deepens the receptivity to a plant’s energies.

Each song is a living spiritual entity with its own unique vibratory frequency that brings healing to the person who receives it. This can then be transmitted to others and literally “calls” the healing forces to come help and guide us. Some songs are not easy to sing at first. Songs work on us in the same way that plants offer us healing—they move through us to open new pathways so that they can move freely through our energetic beings. Receiving and learning to sing a song can alter your energetic being on a fundamental level.

Singing is a way to stay centered and grounded and can help us realign when we feel disconnected or out of sorts. It connects us with our breath and opens our hearts. The songs bring movement and change, and singing with others can teach us about harmony in a very real way.

We humbly offer these songs as part of the new, emerging culture of awakening that is creating opportunities for us to remember how to live in harmony with the land, the spiritual forces of the earth, sky, and sea, and all of the beings of this creation. Sing these songs of healing, praise, and celebration from the depth of your heart so their vibratory frequencies may touch you and those around you at the deepest level, and please spread these messages from the spirits far and wide as we honor these beings that offer us so much.

Featured Songs

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The spirits once told me that the proof of my healing was the singing of these songs.
— Scott Kloos