We are living in times of great change that demand action from every person alive today. As expressions of the dualistic mindset of exclusion and oppression, the dominant industrial growth societies of this planet (of which we are all part) continue to alter the climate and destroy the bio-systems upon which all life depends. When confronted with issues of such magnitude it is natural to ask what can I do? Where do we even begin? In order to make the necessary cultural and political changes that will guide and inform the transition from a human-centered way of being to an earth-centered orientation that respects the rights of all life, we need a radical transformation of consciousness.

We each have a role to play in this Great Work, but we are not alone. By consciously connecting with them, plants and other nonhuman beings help break the spell of anthropocentrism as they clear away thought forms and cultural programming that reinforce our sense of separateness from “nature.” We have found that working with the plants that grow in the places where we live also illuminates who we are on the deepest levels and helps us identify the roles to which each of is best suited to play in this Great Work.

The Great Work of a people is the work of all the people. No one is exempt. Each of us has our individual life pattern and responsibilities. Yet beyond these concerns each person in and through their personal work assists in the Great Work. Personal work needs to be aligned with the Great Work.
— Thomas Berry, The Great Work: Our Way into the Future

What if much of our dissatisfaction with life is not having a clear mission, not knowing what our place is, not knowing that we are acting in service of all life? This 6-month online course, divided up into monthly modules and inspired by our “Reciprocal Illumination” and “Holy Places and Healing Grounds” courses, will provide you with opportunities to identify and embody the specific gifts that you have to offer to the community. Join us as we collectively reimagine culture and participate in the birth of new modes of being.

Accessing the archetypal energies embodied by plants helps us to see the ways we are out of alignment with the natural order. Within these arenas of interspecies communion disharmonious thought forms register as dissonance, and we are presented with opportunities to let go of and release old stories that no longer serve us. Allowing our consciousness to merge with the plants’ spiritual and ecosystemic intelligence can alter our psyches in ways that allow new patterns of thinking and feeling to emerge. In place of the old, new stories emerge—tales of true nature interwoven from fibers of the lands in which we live and distilled from the dreaming bodies of plants to guide us through life.
— Scott Kloos

Each of the first four modules will include a guided meditation to connect with one of the four elements along with prompts to deepen your relationship to various aspects of connecting with the energies of transformation and connection related to that element. Interaction with facilitators and other participants via Google’s online classroom platform rounds out the whole experience.

Concepts covered:

  • Finding your calling in the Great Work

  • Aligning with the forces of transformation, initiation, and awakening

  • Identifying and deepening relationships with plant allies and guides

  • Personal Plant Teacher immersions

  • Transforming the ways you relate to trauma, shame, and guilt

  • Clearing cultural programming

  • Learning to navigate the currents of change

To stimulate inquiry, healing, and learning, each module will include:

  • Guided elemental meditations for each module with journal prompts to help you be open to and align with transformational energies and guides

  • Meditations with songs and downloadable audio lectures for two plant allies (participants will be given a code for 20% discount on tinctures from Cascadia Folk Medicine)

  • Access to plant monographs with physical & psycho-spiritual indications and more

  • Relevant readings culled from Scott’s work and from respected authors like Thomas Berry, Joanna Macy, and others

  • Online community to connect with others and share experiences via Google Classroom

Dates: TBA
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Facilitated by Scott Kloos
Cost: $240

We must believe that those powers that assign our role must in that same act bestow upon us the ability to fulfill this role. We must believe that we are cared for and guided by these same powers that bring us into being.
— Thomas Berry, The Great Work: Our Way into the Future


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In Service of All Life (Online)
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Sample Meditation:

Find a quiet space for about 15 minutes of meditation. Light a candle, and sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. When you are ready play the linked audio file.

Only after you’ve completed the meditation, scroll down to read the post-meditation instructions.


Post-meditation Instructions:

  • If nothing has come do the meditation again tomorrow.

  • Every morning for a week (or longer) sit in meditation for ten minutes. Focus your awareness on the mission your death-bed self has entrusted to you. If it helps contemplate the Sun and its 15 billion year devotion. Contemplate the Earth and the billions of years of experimentation and adjustments that have allowed for the great flourishing of life on this planet. Think about all the beings with whom we share this planetary home, the mutual coexistence that sustains all life here on Earth, and align yourself in devotion to whatever project your death bed-self has recommended.

  • Put this into action now! Not tomorrow. Today. If you struggle with this, ask yourself what is it that gets in the way of action.

  • As you engage in this practice over time, see if your relationship to life changes in any way.

  • Remember that we can't do this work alone. It can be so overwhelming to face the future and the drastic changes required to alter our course. It is so easy to turn away from the magnitude of our situation and pretend it's not happening. Find others who are willing to be part of this transformation. Gather with friends and form groups to support each other. Meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to collectively meditate on the ongoing transformations, to help others to find their mission, to discuss the challenges of following through, and to remind each other of the urgency so that we don't just keep putting our heads in the sand.

  • Imagine what would happen if we all did this! Spread this meditation far and wide to inspire others.


Thomas Berry and the Great Work