Coming with a remembrance rooted in the present moment, the energies of initiation and awakening are coalescing and calling forth those who can receive and channel them consciously. Aligning with these forces of wild nature via the plants, the elements, and the Sun, Moon, and Earth to hold heart-centered and sacred space creates an arena within which we as humans can transform our relationship to trauma, shame, and guilt and learn to embody our true selves more fully. Only from this place can we begin to reimagine culture and participate in the birth a new way of being.

If we are to administer plant medicines for healing, we must understand the powers of transformation which they hold, and we must also be comfortable with these experiences within ourselves. To fully realize the human mind, body, and soul's capacity for transformation and healing, a certain quality of space within which the necessary energetic reorganization can occur is necessary. A deepening of our relationships and alignment with the forces of wild nature allows us to amplify and focus the innate healing wisdom that resides within and without the human body.

As we transition from the current human-focused, tail-end of the Cenozoic era which has been characterized by humanity's increasing disconnect from Nature, we will need more and more people to hold space for the unfolding Ecozoic era which is defined by earth-centered awareness and connection with all life, and as we learn to hold spaces of healing for ourselves and others we can at the same time allow for the witnessing and expression of all types of beings including plants, animals, disembodied entities, rivers, mountains, and ecosystems which may be in need of healing themselves.

If you are called to this path please join us for this 4-week course in which we will work with Devil's Club, Yarrow, Western PeonySilktassel, and Alder to illuminate the basic processes and techniques of holding space. We will also discuss other plant allies for space holders and share practical, experiential exercises including:

  • Holding a space of compassion

  • Alignment and grounding

  • Perceiving energetic space

  • Clearing and protection

  • Maintaining clear boundaries

  • Connecting with the higher self

  • Holding space for non-human healing

Led by Scott Kloos
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Cost: TBA