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Plant Teacher Wisdom: Finding our Place in the Web of Life

Pre-Intensive Course at Symbiosis Total Solar Eclipse Gathering
August 11-16, 2017 Big Summit Prairie Crook County, OR

In this workshop we will ceremonially commune with Pacific Northwest wild and native plants, each a living embodiment of spiritual truth, to help guide us as we navigate our way through life in a culture that has forgotten its ties to the land and spirits. As we learn about their medicinal and psycho-spiritual benefit, we will weave our spirits with the forces of nature, restoring the connections between the human and spiritual realms through song, ritual, meditation, and prayer.

It is of particular importance in this moment of planetary ecological crisis that we listen to the whisperings of our green brothers and sisters as they inspire us to self-realization and show us how to organize our human societies harmoniously and in accordance with the natural laws that govern this planet and the cosmos. We will also spend one day learning the principles of ethical wildcrafting and making medicine imbued with the spirit of the forest. Join us as we put the teachings of the plants into practice so we can allow for the formation of a new culture rooted in natural law.

Later Event: September 10
High Desert Odyssey