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Preparing for the Descent into Darkness and Renewal: A Ceremony with Dogbane

  • RAMA 3701 Southeast Belmont Street Portland, OR, 97214 (map)

Cost: $10 We only have room for about 35 people at RAMA. If you would like to attend, please pre-register and pay via this PayPal link.

Are you ready to make the changes that will allow you to manifest your destiny? 

On this night we will call upon one of our deepest Plant Teachers: the shapeshifting, wolf calling, master of the ashes, death, and underworld root known variously as Spreading Dogbane, Werewolf Root, Medicine Lodge Root, and/or Apocynum androsaemifolium.

We will call our guides and ancestors into the circle and ask them to be present with us we descend into this transformative time of darkness and renewal, and we will create an ancestor altar. Please bring a candle and something meaningful to your lineage to feed and honor your ancestors and guides.

Although it has a history of use for strengthening the bile ducts, this often overlooked yet potent medicine, related to the Iboga plant of African initiation is today used mostly for psychological and emotional healing. Used in the proper context spreading dogbane root has the ability to reconfigure and rewire connections in the brain to inspire profound change. Take small doses of the tincture to let go of addictions to substances, negative emotional states, or mental processes; to alter the way you unconsciously react to challenging situations or to people you perceive as difficult; or to break unhealthy habits and patterns that lead to depression, anxiety, or sorrow.

Matthew says that it "addresses problems which arise from the juxtaposition of the ego and the spirit. When the ego is too strong, it fights against the natural order of things. When it is too weak it gives way to natural processes--death and unconsciousness." This humble but powerful plant has helped many people in the local plant medicine community and has garnered quite a following. Enough said...this has traditionally been one of the most popular Plant Teachers that we work with.