In my experience it is disconnect from nature and the spiritual forces of life that leads to much of the depression, anxiety, and other psycho-spiritual maladies that plague so many members of our culture. I’ve been honored to play a role in healing this rift by providing people with experiences in nature that inspire a remembrance of our fundamental connections to the Earth and cosmos. Another aspect of my mission is to write in ways that encourage the healing and transformation of the trauma and cultural imprinting that lead to feelings of separation. The main focus of my work is showing folks how to interact with plant consciousness and how to understand the spiritual aspects of plant medicine. Doing this work awakens reverence for the forces that sustain all forms of life in the universe, helps us recognize our inherent divinity, shows us who we truly are and what we are here to do, and demonstrates what it means to be good citizens of this planet. Through my work and writing I truly believe that I am helping inspire the formation of a society in which we are fully attuned to the spiritual and ecological matrices of the places where we live and helping to usher in a new form of culture that is informed by and organized according to the laws of nature.

A few years ago I set aside time to write one of the many books that had been bubbling up from the depths of my creative well. Shortly thereafter I received an email from an editor at Timber Press asking me if I'd like to write a field guide to medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest for them. I am happy to say that after much work that book, Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 120 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness, will be published in May 2017.

While writing this book I learned so much about the craft of writing and the dedication necessary to complete a work such as this. I am now ready to take what I've learned and begin writing my next book which is tentatively titled Reciprocal Illumination: The Practice of Psycho-spiritual Plant Medicine. I will also be writing essays and articles for publication in journals, magazines, and on online sites to further this mission. Topics will include herbal medicine, wildcrafting, medicine making, the concept and practice of psycho-spiritual plant medicine, finding and developing relationships with plant allies, communing with plant teachers, wild nature initiation, remembering our wild and indigenous selves, and other aspects of the new emerging culture that is helping folks remember their relationships with the spirit forces of the land.

Scott Kloos, author of Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 120 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness, is a plant medicine practitioner, ceremonialist, wildcrafter, medicine maker, and singer of plant songs. He has been working with the native plants of the Pacific Northwest since the late 90’s. He is the founder and managing director of The School of Forest Medicine and is the owner of Cascadia Folk Medicine, which supplies the community with high-quality, small-batch herbal extracts of the native plants of the region. He was one of the founding members of the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine in Portland, OR. In his healing practice he works mainly with the psycho-spiritual aspects of plant medicine.

In addition to many years of self-study, he completed the 1999 Herbal Apprenticeship Program at the Herb Pharm in Williams, OR, and in 2000, he attended a nine-month Community Herbalist Training Program with Christopher Hobbs. He spent seven years studying the human psyche (his own and others) in Paul Levy’s Awakening in the Dream group. Paul’s unique synthesis of the Dzogchen School of Tibetan Buddhism, Western Alchemy, Jungian Psychology, the Dreambody Psychology of Arnold Mindell, and shamanism deeply shaped his view of the world and his approach to healing and working with plants. In 2009, he studied Traditional Western Herbalism: An Intuitive and Energetic Approach with Matthew Wood in Portland, OR.

When Scott is not leading classes on identifying and working with wild medicinal plants, medicine making, and wildcrafting or leading trips into the wilds of Cascadia to help folks remember their relationships with the spirit forces of the land, he spends as much time as possible with his beautiful wife and two boys: Kathryn, Joaquin, and Finn. He has dedicated his life to helping build the foundations of a renewed, intact culture so that his children, their peers, and the children of those children will be able to live in a sane, healthy world in peace and harmony with nature and all beings.